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Cut Foliage Book : A Practical Guide to Selection & Care


‘Whoever loves and understands a garden will find contentment within.’ Chinese Proverb.

When my first book ‘Cut Flowers A practical guide to their selection and care’ was published, the second question (after, ‘wow, how long did that take you to write?’) was ‘will there be a foliage book to go with it?’ having always worked on the principle of saying ‘yes’ to everything, and then working out how to do it afterwards I promised a foliage follow-up.

For non-flower people (shame on you), producing a book on what appears on the surface to be nothing but leaves and twigs might seem a little idiosyncratic, and I will be the first to admit that foliage doesn’t have the pulling power of flowers, but where would we be without it?

How would arrangements and vases turn out with no greenery to give support, shape and contrast? Imagine no garlanding at weddings, no fabulous constructions filling huge public spaces at flower festivals, no gorgeous autumn designs filled with the season’s rich colours, no holly at Christmas!
I rest my case.

Floristry students I know need to study foliage for their course work and I hope this book will be of use to them, it will also hopefully be a handy reference for florists and flower arrangers. But, as with ‘Cut Flowers’ I would love to think that anyone who has an interest in flowers, who simply likes to arrange them at home for their own pleasure will find this book of use – and if it encourages people to pop into their local high street florist to buy foliage along with their flowers - then I will be more than happy.

- Su Whale, Author

Cut flowers and foliage in the home
How to use this book
A botanical list of cut foliage from Abies – Zea
A mini foliage miscellany containing:-
Leaf Shapes
Glossary of botanical and floristry terms
Index of Common Names

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